Instructional Designer Existential Crisis

Hey all of you Instructional Designers, Educational Developers, Distance Education Online Learning Specialists! It is time to lay off with the complaints that the emergency response to online learning as a result of Covid-19 is not real online learning. Because it is. There has been a lot of gnashing of teeth regarding definitions and nomenclature, […]

Taxonomy of Online Development Business Models

I received some funding in 2018-9 to clarify a taxonomy of business models that are in place at the institution where I work for developing online courses. I couldn’t find if there was ever a deliberate attempt to define what I say was a diversity of practice. My attempt was to define what I had […]

Developing learning materials for print publishing

I have had the opportunity over the last two years to work on a print-based student materials project. It was quite a change from working on online and digital learning materials. The demands of the creating materials for print make the project feel like the stakes are higher, because once the files go to the […]